Multi-Bus Tester, abbreviated as MB-Tester, is a Python script based
Test Execution Engine
supporting multiple communication buses for automated or manual device and system testing.

MB-Tester enables the tester of a device to
- easily test the functionality of a device or several devices
- create easily repeatable tests
- implement test cases for the purpose of regression testing
- test in a fully automated or partly automated (with user interaction) manner
- create longterm reliability and stress tests
- communicate over several different bus systems at the same time
- log the execution of the tests, which can be used for analysis later
- integrate device tests into a pytest environment
- easily integrate in most existing test environments
- develop and debug tests in Visual Studio or any other Python IDE

To test the devices test cases are developed as Python scripts. Python widely used for testing already and it is a very well supported language with many libraries already available for different purposes.

MB-Tester supports the following features to give an easy-to-use and powerful testing framework for device testing:
- multiple communication protocols supported out of the box (Modbus, MP-Bus, NFC)
- automatic logging of communication errors
- support for easy error and warning counting
- suppression of expected communication errors

We offer to develop your customized testing tool on the
flexible base of the MB-Tester test engine.

       Test System Overview

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