MB-Tester (Multi-Bus Tester), is a powerful Test Execution Engine developed with Python scripting.

MB-Tester is designed to support automated or manual device and system testing,
offering seamless integration with multiple communication buses.

Test System Overview


Key features of MB-Tester

This comprehensive set of capabilities makes MB-Tester an indispensable tool for efficient and reliable device testing:


MB-Tester utilizes Python scripting, providing a flexible and robust framework for executing tests. Python's versatility and extensive libraries make it an ideal choice for developing comprehensive test scenarios.


MB-Tester caters to both automated and manual testing requirements. It empowers users to define and execute automated test cases while also allowing for interactive manual testing when needed.

multiple buses2

MB-Tester seamlessly integrates with various communication buses, enabling efficient testing across different protocols. Whether it's Modbus, NFC, MP-Bus or other interfaces, MB-Tester has you covered.


MB-Tester provides built-in support for error and warning counting. This feature allows users to easily keep track of the number of errors and warnings encountered during testing, facilitating comprehensive reporting and analysis.


MB-Tester simplifies error tracking by automatically logging communication errors. This feature helps in identifying and resolving issues efficiently, streamlining the debugging process.


In certain scenarios, communication errors may be expected due to specific device behavior or conditions. MB-Tester offers the ability to suppress these expected communication errors, ensuring accurate test results without signaling irrelevant errors.

MB-Tester Feature Video